SmartSlab design app

SmartSlab is a new composite material, developed by Kram/Weisshaar for the Iris Ceramica Group, that allows digitally functionality to be embedded into countertops or tables. The material was first shown at the Salone del Mobile exhibition in April 2016, in the form of the SmartSlab table. For the exhibition, we helped Kram/Weisshaar develop a functional app demo which allowed customers to personalise their own SmartSlab product for online ordering in the future.

Kram/Weisshaar were also responsible for the creation of the SmartSlab table that was shown at the exhibition. The table incorporated various digital elements, allowing food to be cooking directly on the table, plates to be kept warm by it, and drinks to be cooled using its surface. Everything was controlled by a touch interface built into the tabletop.

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