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Henrik is an interactive designer and creative director. Based in Stockholm, he specializes in the design and production of websites and web applications, and offers services to clients worldwide.

He received his degree in Graphic Design from the prestigious Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver. Over the past ten years he has established a reputation for creating effective, innovative solutions for a wide variety of clients and has collaborated with some of the creative industry’s leading names.


Henrik specializes in conceptual development, visual and interactive design, project management and production for the web.

By offering a full range of services, Henrik can produce complete websites – from concept development to design and production. These services can be offered together or individually, depending on a project’s requirements.

He can work directly with the end client or as a sub-contracted creative collaborator, on a freelance or consultancy basis, and is happy to work remotely, on-site, or as part of a larger team.


Design: a typical project starts with the design phase, then the technology comes as a result of that design – this means the focus is always on creating an engaging and effective experience for the end user. The design process encompasses concept development, interaction design and visual design. The end result: a finished design that is ready for production.

Production: a network of specialist programmers enables Henrik to choose people with the right skills for your project, ensuring they use up-to-date technology and deliver the end product in an efficient, cost-effective manner. This network includes front-end programmers specializing in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and back-end programmers proficient in PHP, Ruby, databases, and content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.


For further information, or to discuss the possibility of working together, please contact Henrik at:

Phone +46 (0)70 2226889
Skype e2henrik